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BASF Product Launch

Thursday, 22 August 2019 | by foggadmin

Foggers Marketing Sdn  Bhd have been appointed as Sales Distributor for Seclira  SG and Selontra non rodenticide rat bait. These 2 new products  comes with breakthrough / unique technology  for the general pest control  and rodenticide market in Malaysia. These are products of BASF (M) Sdn Bhd (which the industry recognises for  Abate adulticide/larvacide , Fendona and  Tenopa for the general pest and  Storm for the rodents). For further information/enquiry, please contact us.

Seclira SG is a Residual Spraying Insecticide that is able to provide a non-staining, non-repellent, odourless, broad spectrum general insect control product for indoor and outdoor use. 

Selontra is a Non -rodenticide rat bait. With Cholecalciferol as its active ingredient ( a form of Vitamin D),  Cholecalciferol is lethal to rodents in high doses. Together with its unique soft bait packing and when rodents consume Solentra, they  lose appetite, becomes lethargic  and cease feeding after 24 hours due to build up of  excessive  calcium in their body. The high amount of calcium in the body will start to kill the rodent within 3 to 4 days.

For further information/enquiry  for these unique products, please contact us! 

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